10 Roles and Responsibilities of an Auto Transport Broker

Note ten roles and respobailites of an auto transport broker and how an agent can help ease the car shipping process.

1. A broker helps clients choose an auto transport company that offers good quality and great value. Most of the time, brokers will already have a list of their accredited vehicle shipping companies that they have already worked with. These companies will most likely be reliable ones that will not disappoint.

2. A broker encourages early booking for a faster and smoother transaction process. Early reservations usually translate to affordable rates, especially if clients make use of such services frequently. Plus, early bookings also provide the best shipping schedules that can bring a lot of ease for the client.

3. Brokers will also come in handy when last minute or expedited shipping services are needed. Most of the time, people who avail of auto shipping services do it as a one-time thing. Rather than diving into the details and the many factors of car shipping, people would rather have someone else do the work for them.

4. A broker can consider the products and services of a car shipping company and point out which aspects you may or may not need. Many auto shippers provide services that only add to the total cost of shipping. Brokers can then help lower your expenses by doing away with services that you may not need and negotiating with your car shipping company.

5. Brokers can help you get great discounts and price reductions. Since they are essentially part of the industry, they will always be in the know of any great promotions coming up. Brokers can then direct you to companies that offer lower costs without having to sacrifice quality.

6. Brokers also tell you things companies never tell you, such as things to be before shipping your car. There are many things to do to prepare your car for shipment such as maintaining a low gas capacity and removing all accessories and valuables inside your car.
Whether it may due to neglect or that they simply forgot, auto shippers do not always let these be known to their clients.

7. Brokers will check auto shipping schedules for you so you can properly determine the expected arrival date of your car. There are seasons when car shipping companies are particularly hectic and busy, and that can cause plenty of delays. Agents will know which days of shipping can be most ideal.

8. Brokers handle and keep the great amount of paperwork required of auto shipping transactions. There is plenty of paperwork involved in car shipping from insurance, auto shipping company licenses to contracts being the most important. Most individuals wouldn’t know where to start, thus the need for a broker.

9. When it comes to legal transactions, brokers act as a middleman to both the car shipping company and the client. There are times when both sides do not come to an agreement due to a delay in shipping arrival or damage that the car endured during the shipping process. Brokers can then serve as persons that can air both sides of the story on the fairest accounts.

10. Essentially, brokers are familiar with the entirety of the auto shipping market. In fact, what most brokers do best is coordinate all the shipping requirements and needs of both parties. With their knowledge of the industry and technological resources, they help auto transport companies and clients accomplish their goals by making sure everything goes on smoothly.