A Month in Review | February – March 2015

A Month in Review | February – March 2015

Just a quick update on the company this week.

We’ve been doing some new projects for mobile iOS app development and KonbiniRentals. They’ve been a blast to work with so we’re very happy to have them on board.

We’re also in the process of releasing a new app where people can easily order a package from us so we can create the website ASAP when the order comes in.

The order form process is a doozy so we’ve been testing that for a while now. Surveying, getting feedback from hundreds of clients and friends.

On a personal note, I’ve been tinkering with my Arduino (bought from Dynamodo – thanks guys, you guys are masters of Arduinos) and I think I’ll go with a project like this:

Arduino Philippines

I want to be able to try that out and it looks simple enough for my first projects. It’ll also be somewhat cool to have that here in the office.

I’m also attending some night class now… do I hear MBA?

I’ll keep you guys posted. For now, be motivated and start the week right!