A request from a friend

This month, I got a special request from a friend to check and give advance to her website. Her name is Sandra, the owner of Benefitsofkefir.com.

Upon checking, the site was pretty good. The website use WordPress and it’s been updated to the latest version ~ base on my experience only few people remember to check update if there’s update in plugin, cms and etc.

I love the site, it’s very simple and user friendly. The only change that I would suggest is to add a “Logo”. As an experience in web creation or entrepreneur,  a logo is a must, it represent the whole company, trademark and etc.

Traffic and content are well written. By just reading the content once, I already can answer all the question in my mind about kefir.

Lastly, I would like to give my thanks to Sandra, who believe that I can help her to improve her website more!

For people who are interested to know more about Sandra and her webiste: