New Website Project For October

New Website Project For October

We just got finished with our latest project. It took us a while as we aren’t the best with Magento but we pulled it off.

Though we were limited to what we can do and what we can add as the business is new, we think we did a pretty good job with JollyPrints. I loved their (JollyPrints) idea of showing images and making it disappear to show the t shirt with and without the design. They are our first client from the Philippines and it’s weird that they outsourced it outside but I’m not complaining. LOL!

JollyPrints   T shirt Printing   Corporate Gifts Philippines

Their blog is now fully set up as well, we even handled the social media pages for them so it’s easier.

We had a bit of trouble because they wanted to leave the category to be the homepage until the new products were added in so we will be working on the site again pretty soon.

I always enjoy working on sites with custom products. You get to learn a lot of what you previously didn’t know about.

As an entrepreneur myself, I always have to keep my eyes open when it comes to other businesses, even those outside my field. That’s where you get to learn a lot of golden nuggets and it’s really easy for me to appreciate it.

Gildan? WTF is that? Then I found out. You learn something new everyday.

Hoodies can be custom printed on??? It’s amazing to know what I don’t know! It’s crazy. Sometimes I just feel like I don’t go out too much!

Traffic is starting to build up based on their analytics so that’s always a good sign because Magento can prove to be tricky when it comes to organic search with the wrong setup.

I would definitely love to start work on another Magento site again soon and maybe another for Bootstrap as that also looks cool.

They have a new project in the works next and I’m looking forward to checking it out.

I also have my own projects coming up. I’ll be trying out some affiliate marketing and running my own affiliate campaigns for my products.

I look forward to writing again soon. It does feel good to blabber around sometimes. Thanks for reading!

And lastly, thanks to the team at JollyPrints. We appreciate the smooth relationship and we look forward to dealing with your growing pains soon. We will definitely give your clients an even better experience as it moves towards a complete website.

Wish them luck!

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